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Course Description

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Have you ever wondered what magic secret your facialist has to create perfect flawless skin?

In this course, you can learn those secrets!

Spend 6 super intense days learning how to perform the ultimate luxurious deluxe facial that will have your clients floating on cloud 9 and walking out with amazing rejuvenated skin.

What will you learn you ask?

Firstly we will teach you how to consult with your client. Learn to break the ice, and peak inside their daily routine to see how your can advise them best to maintain and get the best out of their skin.

Facial Design – every student loves this one! Here you get to pull a facial apart and piece it back together again. This allows you to design your very own signature facial, giving you that unique edge so that you stand out.

Categories of skincare – Ever wondered or asked the question which product should i be using? With a sea of products available out there, no one can blame you for being a little confused! Here we will break through what it alls means and how to choose the right skincare for your clients.

Facial customisation – this is a big one! Now that you know the skincare categories, you know what to choose to compliment your clients skin for optimum skin health.

Your course includes:

  • Textbook
  • Work folder
  • Theory lectures
  • Practical sessions
  • All equipment and materials provided
  • Some models provided
  • Framed certificate on successful completion of the course
  • Ongoing online and phone support
  • Career Advice
  • Job search assistance
  • Unlimited return for additional practical sessions. (Fees apply)
  • Unlimited return for additional business coaching sessions. (Fees apply)

How to Apply

To enrol online, go to www.belldonlaqua.comor for more info call 1300 30 31 40, or email

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