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Bartending, Cocktails, Mixology course:

This class is fantastic for everyone: whether you’re just looking to throw better dinner parties or move into bartending professionally!

Students will learn the basics of mixing cocktails: free pouring/”counting” liquor measurements, the various methods of making drinks (building, muddling, shaking, stirring, etc.), how to select glassware, and basic cocktail recipes.

The instruction will include the creation of five “classic” cocktails, using each of the five main spirits (vodka, gin, run, tequila, and whiskey.)  By the end of the class, students will have made 15 drinks and understand how to follow recipes to learn more.

The class project will also equip students with the understanding of how to create excitingly unique cocktails of their own.  

Students can share their creations as the class progresses.  The final project is to share their own recipe with the class community!

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