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Online Bookkeeping Course

Establish your bookkeeping skills from the ground up!

This new foundation bookkeeping course focuses on small services businesses.

No prior knowledge assumed
Suitable for beginner
Globally relevant

This course is available either as online or by correspondence, students learn the double entry method of bookkeeping. Topics covered include designing accounting systems, double entry recording, cash receipts and payments journals, general journal, closing the ledger, profit and loss statements, depreciation, profit determination and balance day adjustments as well as cash control; budgeting, reconciliation and petty cash.
Study from home
Self paced course – 12 months to complete
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There are 13 lessons in this course:

Balance Sheet
Analysing and Designing Accounting Systems
The Double Entry
Cash Receipts and Cash Payments Journal
Credit Fees and Purchases Journal
The General Journal
Closing the Ledger
Profit and Loss Statement
Depreciation on Non-current Assets
Profit Determination and Balance Day Adjustments
Cash Control: Bank Reconciliation and Petty Cash
Cash Control: Budgeting

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Course Aims

Discuss the basic purposes and scope of Bookkeeping
Discuss the use and purpose of balance sheets, assests and liabilities.
Design and set up a bookkeeping system – set up double entry bookkeeping
Describe the fuction of ‘special journals’
Prepare a credit fees journal and set up a credit sales journal
Set up and use a “general journal”
Discuss methods used to close ledger accounts at the end of an accounting period
Prepare a profit and loss statement
Determine appropriate approaches to depreciation of non-current assets
Describe the ‘accrual’ and ‘cash’ basis of accounting, the matching process, balance day adjustments Describe the cash cycle, cash control methods, bank reconciliation processes, petty cash
Explain the role of budgets.

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