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Learn Cartoon Character Design: Are you an illustrator trying to hone in on your style? Or are you a beginner who wants to know the ins and outs of cartooning your character? On paper or on screen, this class is for you!

I am an illustrator specializing in character development and design. I have been developing my stylized, cartooned characters for years, and I am going to share with you my best illustration tips and processes for developing your own!

You will learn the entire character creation process. We will begin by working with photo references and inspiration resources, and go into rough sketching and more refined value sketches. Then, we will explore exaggerated shapes and cartoon features with S and C-curved lines, keeping correct character anatomy. We will finish with basic three-point light rendering.

  • References and Character Exploration. We will begin with gathering resources for inspiration and exploring the qualities of your character.
  • Rough Sketch. You will compose a sketch of your character.
  • Exaggerating Shapes. You will refine your sketch and learn to exaggerate your character’s shapes with S and C curves.
  • Anatomy & Sketching Values. I will cover anatomy basics with exaggerated features, and you will add value to your shapes.
  • Color Blocking. We will discuss color and you will add it to your drawing and explore rendering techniques.
  • Final Rendering. You will refine the details of your sketch and add special effects.

What You’ll Make

You will design, create and color your own cartooned character with an exaggerated style. This project will inform your illustration process and expose you to new techniques. You will be able to properly proportion your own characters and render your character with exaggerated realism.

This technique is valuable for editorial work with portraiture and cartooning. These skills will help you approach your future character design projects with a solid basic understanding. It is quite difficult to get a character’s cartoon correct- and to spot what the error is! This class will train your eye to see a character or a figure like a cartoonist.

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