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Tile - Eyelash Extensions - Ver 1

Do you want to create “Stunning” Eyelash Extension makeover miracles?

Lashes so AMAZING, thick and full, that your client can hear the wind between her lashes every time she blinks and could almost fly from the momentum?

Don’t just learn how to apply eyelashes, learn how to create Eyelash Masterpieces that you could capture, frame and showcase on your wall!!

BellDonLaqua Beauty College stands for true passion and emersion in the creation of extreme beauty and perfection.  We are committed to delivering elite training above and beyond a beauty school, for those who have a supreme passion for all things fashion and beauty.

In this 3 day Classic Eyelash Course we will guide you on how to set up, prepare your client, show you how to combine different lash lengths, lash thicknesses, lash curls and lash fibres. Show you the difference between Acrylic, Silk, Synthetic Mink, Real Mink, Human and Rabbit hair, learn which clients these lash fibres are suited to and master the skill of how to design the correct look for different eye shapes and replicate your favourite celebrity looks with a thorough Lash Design Consultation.

Your course includes:

  • Textbook
  • Work folder
  • Theory lectures
  • Practical sessions
  • All equipment and materials provided
  • Take home kit (Fees apply)
  • Some models provided
  • Framed certificate on successful completion of the course
  • Ongoing online and phone support
  • Career Advice
  • Job search assistance
  • Unlimited return for additional practical sessions. (Fees apply)
  • Unlimited return for additional business coaching sessions. (Fees apply)


How to Apply

To enrol online or find out more information please visit www.belldonlaqua.comCall 1300 30 31 40 or email

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