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Course Description


Map design class: Whether you host friends in your home on a regular basis, are planning a party or event where you need a map, you have a zest for travel, or just plain love your neighborhood and want to map it, this class is designed to get your creative juices flowing and to map out some of your favorite places into a visual guide.

What You’ll Learn

  • Finding Inspiration. You’ll look at current maps and start thinking about how you use them, what attracts you, and what puzzles you about them.
  • Hand-Drawn + Printed Maps. We’ll focus on tangible maps, both mundane and experiemental.  
  • Mapping in the Digital Age. We’ll look at stand alone digital maps, as well as examples that are integrated into blogs and websites

How to Apply

This class is open to designers and non-designers alike, and students of all ages and stages. Pen and paper are highly encouraged, but Photoshop or Illustrator work too (you'll also learn about some free options). Sign up online here

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