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Modern Calligraphy course: Compose a one of a kind alphabet.

Interested in a beginner’s crash course in the basics of modern calligraphy but have no idea how to start? You’ve picked the right class. This class will start at the very beginning, covering the basic tools and preliminary knowledge of modern, pointed pen calligraphy and will leave you with a solid understanding of how to compose a truly unique alphabet.

Within the design community, there has been a rise in demand for basic and advanced calligraphy skills to use in a variety of ways whether it’s wedding calligraphy or typeface design. Through this class, you’ll strengthen your eye for design, typographic detail, and distinctiveness. In a world where we’re bombarded by images and lettering thousands of times a day, coming across an image of true distinctiveness is an aspect to cherish and promotes innovation.

That’s what we’re doing here – promoting innovation alongside technical skills. So let’s get started! By the end of this class, you’ll have a calligraphy character set that is unique to you.

This is a beginner-level class which means you need no prior calligraphy skills to participate. You’ll need a pen holder, a variety of pointed pen nibs, black ink and semi-transparent layout bond. I’ll share links to where you can purchase all of the above!

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