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This class is for anybody who wants to create visually compelling photographs. You will learn photographic composition – a crucial element for great photos.  While this is a self-guided class, there are three homework assignments that I will provide personal feedback on.  Beginners welcome!  

We’ll focus on why certain images just “work” and discuss the importance of proportion in photographic composition, starting off with a discussion of the photographic frame, and then moving onto subject placement, and then going to more specific forms of proportion such as balance, the rule of thirds, golden ratio and its variants.

We will discuss various ways of executing these concepts including use of fore/mid/backgrounds. You will be given an assignment to apply what you’ve learned in the session to your project. 

Building on what we’ve learned about proportion, we’ll add geometry and lines to the equation, and will explore how the use of verticals, diagonals, and horizontal lines affect your images as well as how various shapes (circles, rectangles, triangles) can be utilized in isolation and in patterns. Again, you’ll apply what you’ve learned to your project. 

We will again build on the last two session and incorporate how to utilize shapes, color, contrast, to achieve the above compositions, as well as various ways of training your eye to see opportunities to make use of what we’ve learned so far (such as flattening / expanding perspective and use of abstraction). We will also discuss use of symmetry.  We will also tie everything from the first two classes together to see how images often rely on multiple concepts to succeed (i.e. “this image utilizes the rule of thirds but also employs a strong leading line and makes good use of contrast”). 

You should own a digital camera. Any digital camera, including your camera phone will do!             

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