ClassroomPre-Purchase Property Inspection Course (Building)

Offered by HouseSafe - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide

Course Description

Pre-Purchase Property Inspections (Building) – AS:4349.1

This building inspection course will enable participants to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to competently perform pre-purchase property inspections. Learn about mitigation, marketing, report writing and terminology.

This course is suitable for people who have:

  • An understanding of residential construction;
  • Adequate comprehension of the English language;
  • Reasonable cause as to why they would like to become a Pre-Purchase Property Inspector.

Duration: NSW 2 days, Other states 1 day

CPD Points: 16 or 8

Cost: From $1595 (inc GST). Includes Template for unlimited use.

Please Note: This is not a Pest Inspections training course

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Pre-Purchase Property Inspection Course (Building) - Australia
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