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Screenwriting Course for Short Films:

Write the screenplay for a 10-minute short film

Short films are the ultimate calling card in the movie industry, and can be your ticket to an agent, a contract, and even (yes!) an Oscar. In this class, you will learn how to write the screenplay for a ten minute short film, which you can then use as a writing sample or to pursue production.

This class is for anyone wishing to learn the basics of screenwriting in a supportive space. Drawing from my own professional screenwriting experience, I’ll teach you how to pitch, outline, write and workshop a 10-minute short film.

This class covers:

  • The basics of storytelling: three-act structure and the clockwork of compelling stories
  • Elements of Style for screenwriting: how to format it on the page
  • The anatomy of a good short film
  • How to write a treatment, or synopsis, of your idea
  • Developing character: making it seem real
  • How to effectively process feedback without feeling dejected
  • Seeking production and professional advancement

How it will be taught

The course will be taught as a series of pre-recorded lecture videos that introduce the concepts and how-tos of storytelling and screenwriting.

Students are able to seek feedback from one another by uploading their work to the Project Gallery.

Students will also have access to a Q&A forum where they can find answers to their questions, should they get stuck.

Previous screenwriting experience is unnecessary, as you will cover the basics of the format, but interest/background in filmmaking and/or creative writing is definitely a plus. If possible, pick up a copy of Final Draft (industry standard screenwriting software), as it will make your scripting process much easier. The class will also provide workarounds for standard word processing software.

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