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Course Description


Introduction to Visual Basic.NET.

This course assumes the student has no knowledge of Visual Basic or computer programming. Students must have access to a computer with either Visual Studio.NET or Visual Basic.NET installed. As with all our computer courses, they enable the student to purchase the software required at a heavily discounted price (academic pricing). More information can be obtained about this from the school.

By the end of the course, the student should be able to easily understand all the major aspects of Visual Basic.NET and use it to produce their own windows based applications.

Course Aims

  • Understanding of the basic concept of computer programming and how it fits in with the .NET framework.
  • Understanding how computer programs store values and how they are accessed.
  • Understanding how conditional statements are used to affect the flow of a program.
  • Learn how to create, read and write files used by your VB.NET application. Also understand how to send information to a printer.
  • Understanding the basics of controls and objects.
  • Understanding the benefits of using modules to structure your program.
  • Understanding properties, methods and events and how they are used in classes.
  • Understanding how inheritance is used in VB.NET to re-use code.
  • Understanding how to use polymorphism to perform the same functions in different ways.

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