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Learn web app development part time while keeping your day job.

Learn Fast
If you’ve tried learning online but keep hitting road blocks (or boredom), the Web App Developer PT course is a great way to learn fast, the fun way.

Are you entrepreneurial?
With a focus on entrepreneurs, our classes are filled with passionate people from different career backgrounds, who have great ideas and enjoy learning together.

Is this for you?
Whether you are looking to build your own tech startup, enhance your career prospects or just learn more about web apps, this programme will get you there.

Small classes = personal attention
You’ll learn in a small class environment – maximum 12 students per class.

Practical, hands on classes
Every class involves coding. Learning materials are project based so you learn the theory and new skills as you build apps.

What you will learn:

Weeks 1 – 4

  • Web design – HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Programing fundamentals with Ruby
  • Importance of databases
  • Application design
  • Ruby on Rails

Weeks 5 – 8

  • Build a web application, together as a class
  • Continue growing your Ruby on Rails skills

Weeks 9 – 12

  • Build your own app idea
  • Using what you have learned to work on your own app idea
  • Master classes to help you keep learning while building

How to Apply

Read more about this course and apply here.

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